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Regal Lager is a family affair!

Regal Lager is a distributor of high quality baby and children's products located in the surburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. We started out as a small, family owned business and have grown into a large, family owned business. Family is the best way to describe what we do: from the ownership, to the esprit de corps of our employees, to our family of quality brands, to our family of retailers, and most importantly, to our commitment to you and your families.

When most people think of a distributor, boxes, warehouses, fork-lifts and trucks usually come to mind. True, that is part of who we are, but the part that really makes us different from other distributors is our commitment to our customers and to our brands.

Our focus daily is on serving each customer in the best way we can. Our Customer Care Department is dedicated to providing you with a friendly and fast solution to any concern you may have.

Our brands are carefully selected, and all offer practical, stylish, well-designed, and safe products. Not all of our brands are well known to the general public as we are bringing them into the United States and Canada from several countries across the globe We create awareness of these brands through excellent customer care, distribution to quality retailers, catalogs, select websites, and by national advertising in the most informative magazines for expecting and new parents.

Building Quailty Brands and offering the best in Customer Care is what we have been doing since 1991. We look forward to serving you and your family in the future!

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About Regal Lager

Regal Lager is one big family.

Regal Lager, Inc.

Building quailty brands and offering the best Customer Care is what we've been doing since 1991. We look forward to serving you in the future!

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