New parents have lots of decisions to make for the first time. Figuring out which baby registry to use shouldn't be one of them. Babylist is a universal baby registry that allows parents-to-be to add items from any store, or even to ask for gifts that can’t be bought in stores like home-cooked meals, babysitting or even cash for a college fund.

Babylist launched in 2011 and quickly became the third most popular baby registry after Amazon and Target.  In 2018, Babylist launched a store where consumers could purchase products directly.  Babylist is big on data—they use it to see what products are popular by tracking the items parents-to-be are adding to their registries. Thankfully for Regal Lager, they saw how popular our brands are and we're excited to announce that Nomi, Love To Dream, Lascal, Qdos and Dekor are NOW AVAILABLE at Babylist.