Pressure Mount Y-Spindles


Product Overview

All homes are different! Qdos® Pressure Mount Y-Spindles are designed as an adapter to help you safely install your Qdos pressure mount baby gate at the bottom of the stairs where round banisters or spindles are present. Qdos Pressure Mount Y-Spindles can be used in up to four attachment points, depending on whether you have banisters or spindles on the top and bottom, on one or both sides of your stairway. Designed to be used with pressure mount baby gates only.

  • Adapts Qdos Pressure Mount Baby Safety Gates to fit on Banisters and Spindles.
  • Fits Securely to Banisters or Spindles up to 3" in diameter.
  • Fits all Qdos Pressure Mount Safety Gates.
  • Package includes 2 Y-Spindles.
  • Available in White or Slate.

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