Universal Baseboard Kit


Product Overview

Don't drill into your baseboards and ruin your woodwork! The Qdos® Universal Baseboard Kit prevents damage to your woodwork by eliminating the need to screw into your baseboard, and provides an even vertical mounting surface so your baby gate can be installed properly where baseboard is present. The Qdos Baseboard Kit works with ALL brands of baby safety gates up to 34" tall, both Hardware Mount and Pressure Mount. It comes in Slate or White, and works with baseboards up to 7" tall and 7/8" thick.

  • Installing a baby gate where baseboard is present can cause issues getting the gate mounted properly level on the wall. The Qdos Universal Baseboard Kit is the perfect solution for installing baby gates over baseboards up to 7" tall.
  • Avoid screwing into your baseboard! Works with all brands of Hardware and Pressure mount baby safety gates.
  • Works with baseboards up to 7/8" thick and up to 7" tall.
  • Hardware included for installation into solid wood and studs.
  • Each Qdos Universal Baseboard Kit is designed for one baseboard for situations where there is a baseboard on one side and a banister on the other. If you have baseboard on both sides, you will need to purchase two Universal Baseboard Kits.
  • Available in Slate or White; Maximum baby gate height: 34".

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