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Lascal BuggyBoard Mini - OPEN BOX

Lascal BuggyBoard Mini - OPEN BOX

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As these have been inspected by the distributor to ensure all parts are in working order, the manufacturer warranty will stand for 1 year from date of purchase.


Having a second child? No need for a huge twin or tandem stroller. Turn your single stroller into a double stroller in a matter of minutes with the BuggyBoard Mini. BuggyBoard Mini provides the perfect spot for your toddler to ride so your new baby can have the stroller seat. Do you use multiple strollers? No problem! Just purchase an additional set of BuggyBoard Universal Connectors, and your BuggyBoard Mini can be used with multiple strollers, a major convenience for families who use or own more than one stroller.

Suitable for children up to 66 lbs., the older sibling rides along by standing on the platform with both hands on the stroller's frame while you push your younger child in the stroller. The wide, anti-slip platform and side bumpers keep little feet securely positioned while on board, and the comfort suspension system absorbs bumps and shocks as you stroll down the sidewalk. Simply push the stroller as you normally would, no need to shorten or adjust your stride. Large wheels provide sufficient clearance, so you're unlikely to hit the board with your feet as you walk. Remove the board from the stroller by pushing the release buttons on the connectors; disconnect the board, and you are ready to fold the stroller and put it away. Once installed, the connectors stay with the stroller. When you're ready to use your board again, simply click your BuggyBoard into the connectors attached to the stroller and go.

If you have a larger framed stroller, check out Lascal's BuggyBoard Maxi or Maxi+, which is compatible with 95% of strollers on the market.

  • Lascal's BuggyBoard is the brilliant solution for transporting two children in your single stroller, with the older sibling simply riding along on the board when needed. Eliminates the need for a heavy and cumbersome double or tandem stroller!
  • Compatible with most strollers on the market, the BuggyBoard Mini has a smaller frame than the BuggyBoard Maxi and Maxi+, and is popular for use on smaller framed strollers.
  • Lascal was the innovator of the first ride-on board in 1995 and has remained the global market leader by continuously innovating and making the state-of-the-art BuggyBoard better and easier to use.
  • The sturdy Buggy Board Mini is suitable for use by children from 2 years old, and is strong enough to hold a child weighing up to 66 lbs.
  • Use it on multiple strollers' just purchase an additional Lascal BuggyBoard Universal Connector Kit, and you can use one BuggyBoard on multiple strollers.
  • Check out to see if your specific stroller has been tested for fit.
  • Easy to install and no tools required. Simple quick-connect and disconnect. Just press the release to detach from the connectors. Strap holds board up and out of the way when not in use.
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