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Qdos Adhesive Flexible Multi-Lock

Qdos Adhesive Flexible Multi-Lock

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The Qdos Adhesive Flexible Multi-Lock is the perfect solution to prevent access to many dangerous locations throughout your home. Keep little ones away from sharp and breakable objects in the dishwasher, out of a germ-filled toilet or a washing machine where they could get trapped! The Qdos Adhesive Flexible Multi-Lock secures with a locking guide and dual spring catches, which makes it easy for adults to operate with one hand, yet difficult for kids. No tools needed to install - it installs with Qdos SecureHold Adhesive, which creates a high-performance and durable bond, that stays on until you're ready to remove it. By following the removal instructions, Qdos SecureHold Adhesive can be removed without damaging most surfaces.

  • Use on Cabinets, Furniture, Toilets or Appliances (Not intended for Ovens).
  • Simple One Handed Triple-Lock Functionality - tough for kids - easy for adults.
  • Qdos SecureHold Adhesive.
  • Damage-Free Removal.
  • Contemporary Design - Baby Proofing Doesn't have to be Ugly!™
  • Available in White or Gray.
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