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Qdos Outlet Cover Box - Medium

Qdos Outlet Cover Box - Medium

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Some things must stay plugged in, but keeping your little ones safe is every parent’s number one priority. We understand the frustration of trying to plug in those chunky charging blocks or oversized adapters, while keeping your little ones safe. The Qdos Safety Medium Outlet Cover Box features a generous interior big enough to fit a lot of medium to smaller adapters and chargers.Safety is our top priority, but baby proofing doesn’t have to be ugly! The Qdos Safety Outlet Cover Box blends in seamlessly with your home décor, thanks to its sleek and discreet design, and it can even be painted to match your wall color. The hidden interior lock is easy for adults to operate, while protecting your little ones from electrical hazards, ensuring peace of mind for you and safety for your family.  The universal design fits Standard, Decora and GFCI Outlets and is simple to install with just one to two screws.  The Qdos Safety Outlet Cover Box can be used throughout your home, from the living room to the nursery. With its ergonomic design, it's not just about safety—it's about making your life more convenient.

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